E3 2012: Nintendo Conference Liveblog

June 6, 2012

Join with us as Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime blow the roof off E3 2012 with more Wii U news than you can shake a waggle wand at. It begins in about an hour. Our bodies are ready. Are yours?

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1:59: Feed has started. Some pre-show talk. Nintendo seems behind time, as usual.

2:01: Pre-recorded video of Miyamoto teasing Pikmin. You filthy tease!

2:02: It’s starting! Miyamoto takes the stage.

2:03: Bill, Miyamoto’s faithful translator, takes the stage. Ready to talk about Pikmin 3.

2:05: Goal of the Wii U was to create a system that allowed console gaming without the use of a TV. The first dedicated personal screen in video games.

2:06: Pikmin 3 shown for the first time. Graphics, naturally, look much better thna what we might see on the Wii.

2:07: Higher resolution of the Wii U allows for greater clarity on the TV, and thus less necessity to zoom in all the time. Rock Pikmin introduced, used to break down barriers. Pikmin 3 primarily uses the Wii Nunchuck and Wii remote, while the pad displays other information, but the pad can be used by itself if players want.

2:09: Miyamoto seems very passionate about Pikmin 3. Pretending to throw Pikmin plushies into the audience.

2:11: And now Reggie.

2:13: Amazon video, YouTube, Hulu, and all those other non-Australian services confirmed. Reggie states more will come about the hardware in the future. E3 is all about games.

2:15: Talkin’ bout that asymmetric gameplay, the core philosophy behind the Wii U. Confirms support for two Wii U GamePads.

2:17: Detailing the controller now. Clickable analogue sticks, d-pad, two triggers, two shoulder buttons, rumble, gyroscope, microphone and camera, IR, stereo speakers, headphone jack, volume control, and so on.

2:19: OS and Miiverse shown, just as it was on the Nintendo Direct. Reiterating much of what we already know. On the Miiverse home menu Miis can interactive via handwritten/typed notes, facial expressions, and game screenshots.

2:21: New Super Mario Bros. U formally revealed. Heavily integrated into the Miiverse, mostly for communicating between friends, comparing scores, and so on.

2:22: Trailer shown. Yep, that’s Mario. Yoshi returns with a few new powers. In fact, Yoshi seems more integrated than New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Looks quite clean and pretty. Gamepad integration allows a separate player to activate blocks, pads and other helpful goodies.

2:23: Third party stuff. Arkham City: Armoured Edition for Wii U.

2:25: Game makes use of the touch screen for gadgets and activating super powers. Tap pad to set off explosions. Seems to aim at putting all of the HUD info and gadgets on the pad for easy access.

2:28: Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U. ‘Definitive’ Scribblenauts edition. Larger, more open environments to explore. Object creation that allows you combine parts, eg dog with wheels instead of legs. Oh, the humanity. Multiplayer and new story mode included.

2:31: Sizzle reel time. Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (with Mario powers), Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

2:33: Reggie admits to his body being ready for Wii Fit all those years ago. Yep, it’s sports/fitness time.

2:34: Wii Fit U announced. Seems to use the same balance board as the Wii, coupled with the Wii U GamePad for new minigames. Can use the game with just the pad and board, while the TV is in use.

2:37: ‘SiNG’ from FreeStyleGames announced. Karaoke game, essentially. And clapping.

2:39: Touching on the 3DS for a couple of minutes. Reaffirming an hour of 3DS games tomorrow, first and third party. Will be streamed live, much like this.

2:40: New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS shown. “All about the gold”. Bling Bling. Available in the US on August 19th.

2:41: Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Definitely more like old Paper Mario titles versus the Wii entry. Uses ‘stickers’ for powers and abilities.

2:43: Luigi’s Mansion 2. Multiple mansions, new puzzles, new ghosts. Looks quite good. Confirmed for this year.

2:44: Sizzle reel of third party 3DS games. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, Epic Mickey, Power of Illusion, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and that’s it.

2:46: LEGO City , an open world LEGO game, for Wii U. Solve crimes using the pad. Explore the city. It’s like GTA, only with LEGO. Exploration looks a bit like Assassin’s Creed. Lots of climbing. Lego City: Undercover for the 3DS.

2:49: Ubisoft on stage. Zombi U and Rayman mentioned as examples of content working across two different screens.

2:51: Just Dance 4. Touch the pad to do moves. If you know Just Dance, you know Just Dance 4.

2:54: Zombi U shown, a first person shooter. Pad is a ‘survival kit”. Used for sonar to detect zombies, scanner to find items, the scope of a sniper rifle, a waggle pad to excape zombies, and used to interact with touch pads. Reggie uses the camera to turn himself into a zombie. It looks cheesy.

2:56: Ubisoft sizzle reel. Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids, Fitness Evolved, Rayman, Sports Connection, and Avengers.

2:59: Talking about something called ‘Nintendo Land’. Seems to be a minigame collection about theme park exhibitions and rides, experienced with your Miis. ‘Ninja Castle’ shown. Throw ninja blades using the touch pad. Looks like it’s based on a concept demo shown last year. Uses Miiverse to some extent. Will talk about it later.

3:03: Some Luigi’s Mansion based minigame shown, part of Nintendo Land. Exploring a mansion top down, blasting ghosts. Sure are spending a lot of time explaining this. Kinda confusion.

3:07: Trailer of Nintendo Land. Cheery, Disney style music. Oh so cutesy. Not really showing any game, just a weird CGI fly through.

3:10: Reggie wrapping it up. That sure was a whole lot of nothing.