Dawntrail expansion for Final Fantasy XIV announced

August 2, 2023

Over the weekend, Square Enix announced the fifth expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online called Dawntrail, as the popular MMO pushes onwards into a new decade. Dawntrail is currently scheduled to be released in Winter 2024 in the southern hemisphere, and was revealed as part of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas.

The new expansion features a new setting, Tural, along with its capital city Tuliyollal, and new areas like the mountainous Urqopacha and the forest of Yak T’el. It will also have the game’s first graphical update for both characters and world visuals, improving textures, shadows and ‘screen-wide aesthetic appeal’. Further inclusions from the press release are:

Level Cap increase from 90 to 100 
Multiple New Jobs
Core Battle Content including FATEs, Hunts, Treasure Hunts and Sidequests
New Dungeons
New Threats, including Valigarmanda
Duty Support Update
New Gear and Recipes
Expansive New Lifestyle Content
New Variant Dungeons, Alliance Raid, 8-Player Raid and Ultimate Raid
PvP Update
Ongoing Content Updates, including a Blue Mage Update, Inconceivably Further HildibrandAdventures, New Plans for Deep Dungeons and a Gold Saucer Update

In addition, Phil Spencer made an appearance at the event to confirm that Final Fantasy XIV will be coming to Xbox Series X|S in Autumn 2024 in the southern hemisphere, with an open beta starting during the Patch 6.5x series. Patch 6.5 will also herald a further expansion to the free trial, which will add all the content from Stormblood.

You can check out a trailer for Dawntrail below: