Final Fantasy XV Sells 5 Million Units On Day One

December 5, 2016

Square Enix have announced that the long awaited Final Fantasy XV has already been a massive success on launch, with launch shipments and day one digital sales totalling 5 million units. This makes it the fastest selling game in Final Fantasy history and shows the level of anticipation fans have had as they patiently waited over a decade for the game to be released after it was originally announced at E3 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

With such a long development time there is always a large chance that the game will fall flat with both fans and critics, much like Too Human and Duke Nukem Forever have in the past, but Final Fantasy XV has avoided that, with Adam thoroughly enjoying his time with the game. With a raft of character episode DLC coming, as well as a multiplayer co-op episode, as part of the season pass, it seems that Square Enix have a massive hit on their hands.

Final Fantasy XV is available for purchase right now on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.