Bungie Details What Destiny 2 Content Will Disappear On November 10th

August 21, 2020

You might have noticed a couple of months ago that Bungie announced that, in an effort to keep development of Destiny 2 manageable, they would be removing access to a bunch of content from the game. Instead this content would be placed in a Vault for an unspecified amount of time, maybe to return again in the future. We were nothing short of critical of this practice, given it will remove access to content that people have previously paid real money for, even if much of it was now free to play under the current Destiny 2 structure. Now, Bungie have detailed specifically what content would disappear from the game as part of this, and the list is long.

In a nutshell, the amount of content in the game will be shrinking dramatically as of November 10th. All but 2 existing Raid missions are being removed from the game, meaning that with the inclusion of a new Raid as part of the new expansion, the Raid numbers will shrink 7 to 3. This means that 72% of existing Raids are leaving. Strikes are slightly less affected, with the 7 strikes entering the Destiny Content Vault equating to 39% of the strikes in the game. 35% of Crucible maps are leaving, with the available maps dropping from 31 to 20, while 44% of Crucible Modes will enter the Vault as well, reducing the number from 16 to 9 modes. The worst part might be the change to campaigns, with the Red War, Curse of Osiris and Warmind campaigns now becoming unplayable.

The full list of content and specific maps leaving Destiny 2 and entering the Content Vault can be found over at the official Destiny blog, but suffice to say, Destiny 2 will be a significantly smaller game as of November 10th.