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Beyond Good and Evil 2 All But Confirmed

Ubisoft has all but confirmed that its in-house Montpellier Studio will be developing a sequel to the critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil.

Communicated via a facebook post, it was also announced that French video-game designer Michel Ancel (known for directing the original Beyond Good and Evil) is working on the project.

The sequel has apparently been in the works since 2008, and new artwork is starting to trickle from various official locations including the Beyond Good and Evil Facebook page and Michel Ancel’s Instagram.


Finally, to coincide with this tidbit of a somewhat confirmed leak, Ubisoft has announced that the original Beyond Good and Evil will be the next Ubi 30 entrant, meaning you will be able to download it on PC for free from October 12.

If you haven’t already signed up to Ubisoft Club to take advantage of the Ubi 30 celebrations, follow this link to take advantage of the free games they are offering.

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