E3 2018: Beyond Good & Evil 2 – New Gameplay, Jade Returns, and an Open Call for Art from Fans

June 12, 2018

At Ubisoft’s E3 2018 Conference, prequel Beyond Good & Evil 2 not only got a new cinematic trailer, but pre-alpha gameplay footage, and for the first time, an open call for artwork from fans for inclusion in the game.

The cinematic trailer showed the same personality we’ve come to expect from previous trailers, showing fan-favourite Pey’j as the chef on board a ship captained by the new player character. However, the ship is soon stopped by a giant beetle-like mothership, as the crew gathers to face their attacker – a younger Jade, the hero from the original Beyond Good & Evil.

Following this, gameplay footage from the city of Ganesha was shown off, with the player seamlessly able to move from piloting vehicles, to combat.

Ubisoft also announced the ‘Space Monkey Program’, an open invitation for people all over the world for people to contribute artwork, music and ideas to be included in the game, through street art, radio content and other means as part of the open world. This service will be provided with the assistance of HitRecord, with co-founder Joseph Gorden-Levitt helping announce the project onstage.

If you want to get involved – head to HitRecord.org to check out the page, although it seems to be currently struggling with the massive amount of traffic the conference has attracted.