E3 2021: Tomorrow’s Battlefield Reveal Kicks Off E3

June 9, 2021

We’ve seen the cheeky leaks, we’ve read your opinions across the internet, but now it’s finally time to get excited as we count down the hours to tomorrow’s Battlefield reveal. As mentioned in our full E3 2021 Summer Fest schedule, EA’s full Battlefield reveal will take place at 9AM tomorrow morning Eastern Aussie Standard Time, and here’s what we’ve heard about the game already, which we should remind you to take with a grain of salt until the Battlefield event takes place.

The sixth core Battlefield game will likely be called just that, or perhaps have the ‘2042’ tagline. It will be a tactical squad based shooter heavily influenced by Battlefield 3. EA is hoping that your squad will be filled with friends with heavy focus on teamwork as opposed to trying to solo your way through the different modes.

A new attachment system is expected to be revealed allowing players to hold two attachments that you can swap out on your weapon. This means you can do anything from extending the barrel on your shotgun to switching a red dot for an ACOG on the fly.

Popular Squad and Heroes mechanics from Star Wars Battlefront 2 are likely to be introduced to the Battlefield franchise, and will be called ‘Professionals’. These heroes won’t be necessarily overpowered, but they will allow for special skills such as a Medic using a healing dart, etc. Squads will also be able to spawn vehicles at certain times in certain maps.

Battlefield Reveal

We’ve seen one sketchy looking trailer, but there are allegedly another two which are yet to surface. Expect to see these tomorrow morning. 64v64 online games are coming. They’ve been tested already, although only on a single platform. Crossplay will not be available at launch, though EA is allegedly working to get the new gen consoles and PC players working together, leaving the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 communities in the dust.

Expect chaotic gameplay with twisters and tornadoes destroying buildings and flipping cars. Wingsuits will take you across maps fast (who’s going to be the first to wingsuit into a twister?), and grappling hooks have also been seen in leaked footage, similar to the one in Dying Light. Expect a few other features like this to be revealed in tomorrow’s Battlefield reveal.

We’re most excited to learn that the maps are apparently the biggest in Battlefield history. The large maps will be split up into sectors with a single sector being the size of a typical medium-sized map from a previous Battlefield game. There is a map called ‘Shelf’ which takes place on an Antarctic shelf with huge cliffs and sweeping icy vistas. Sounds like the perfect map for that wingsuit!

Lastly we’re learning that there will be private testing for media and influencers beginning immediately after E3 on June 15, with an open Alpha later this month and a Beta planned soon after.

The next Battlefield game is due to launch in 2021 on Windows PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms. For more information, head to the official Battlefield website.