Watch the Official Battlefield V Single Player Trailer

October 18, 2018

EA and DICE have today released the official Battlefield V single player trailer. The trailer shows the various war stories that you will play through when the game launches next month. Travel to the snows of Norway, Southern France, the desert of Libya and more as you get behind the eyes of soldiers in World War 2 as they partake in the most definitive days of their lives.

Battlefield V single player has a prologue and then four war stories, with the final war story being available a month after launch. You’ll get the opportunity to play as a young female Norwegian desperately fighting the German invasion, an English SBS soldier destroying installations from behind enemy lines by whatever means, a colonial French soldier in Southern France who learns that perhaps he isn’t as French as he thought he was, and for the first time ever Battlefield will put you in the perspective of a German in the infamous Tiger tank as you fend off Americans or die trying.

Rocket Chainsaw will have a lot more on the Battlefield V single player war stories tomorrow morning, as we got the chance to sit down and play it yesterday as well as interview Eric Holmes, the design director for DICE. Stay tuned tomorrow morning for as much information as we can muster, as well as some captured gameplay footage from the war stories.

Check out the official Battlefield V Single Player Trailer below:


Discover the untold stories of World War 2 with Battlefield V’s single player War Stories. In Nordlys, resist German occupation in Norway, sabotage behind enemy lines as an unlikely English soldier in Under No Flag, fight for a home you’ve never seen in Tirailleur, and in The Last Tiger (available in December) join the crew of a Tiger I as they question why they fight.

Battlefield V launches on November 20 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. For more information, head to the official Battlefield V website here.