Battlefield 2042’s Season 4 brings close-quarters combat, new map, new specialist

February 19, 2023

Battlefield 2042’s Season 4 is finally kicking off, as the developers have outlined the full plan for the season, which brings the final new specialist to the game, along with a new map, new weapons and a new vehicle.

The new specialist’s name is Camila Blasco, an ambush expert who can move without alerting motion based technology. Her unique specialist gadget is the X6-Infiltration device, which can prevent lock-ons and interferes with active spotting technology, as well as creating communication deadzones until it’s destroyed or deactivated. She sits within the Recon class, and is the final new specialist DICE is adding to the game.

The new map is called Flashpoint, based in South Africa as a once-thriving biodiversity hotspot that now lies as an abandoned base in a desert. Flag A1 is a small-medium vehicle friendly zone, while B1 is a multi-tiered short-to-medium close quarters combat area. C1, E1 and F1 are also close-quarters friendly, with F1 in particular inspired by large team deathmatch-type spaces. Flag D1 also lies inside, but allows vehicles to join the fight via a vehicle elevator.

New weapons include the Super 500 Shotgun sidearm, a high-risk/high-reward short range weapon, the RM68 Assault Rifle, a versatile next-generation assault rifle, the AC9-SMG, an extremely lightweight submachine gun, and the RPT-31, a new prototype LMG with a low rate of fire, heavy hitting rounds and fast bullet speed. New vault weapons include the SVD and Type 88 LMG fromĀ Battlefield 3.

A new vehicle is the CAV Brawler, perfect for close-quarters combat, as it can be equipped with a location pulse and its threat protection system can highlight when you’re being attacked. It can also be used to spawn on even when all seats are occupied. A new gadget is also added, the SPH Explosive Launcher, which fires explosives that latch onto their target and explode after a delay.

The new Battle Pass includes 100 Tiers of Free and Premium content, and includes a range of rewards to unlock, including an Irish ‘Greenback’ skin.

You can check out more about the season in the newly released trailer below: