Ayleid Crown Crates Drop in Elder Scrolls Online This Week

March 16, 2021

Zenimax Online Studios has today revealed what fans can expect in the Ayleid Crown Crates dropping in Elder Scrolls Online later this week.

The year-long story Gates of Oblivion officially kicked off last week with the Flames of Ambition DLC pack which added two new dungeons and a bunch of new items to acquire, while the full story expansion Blackwood is expected to launch towards the middle of the year.

The Ayleid Crown Crates will appear in the Crown Store on Friday, 19th March at 1PM Australian Eastern Standard Time, and players will also now be able to purchase the ultra-rare Radiant Apex mounts using Crown Gems instead of relying on the luck system of the Crown Crates.

The three new Radiant Apex mounts look incredible, with our personal favourite being the Varla-Born Wolf Mount:

Ayleid Crown Crates Varla-Born

Before the coming of the First Empire, Elves reigned supreme. The Ayleid sorcerer-kings held dominion over Tamriel’s heartlands, harnessing the power of Divines and Daedra alike. Now, within the Wild Elves’ bleached stone ruins and crystal-lit crypts, ancient treasures still lay buried, waiting for brave adventurers to claim them… or die trying.

So, lift your torch and descend the alabaster stairs. The wealth of the Ayleids awaits!

Also available is Ayleid style weapons and a creepy yet epic looking skin, as well as a fluffy sheep pet. ZoS has also announced the return of a couple of fan-favourite items including the Pale-Plume Fledgling Gryphon pet and the Treethane’s Mosaic Jerkin costume.

Check out the official tweet from @TESOnline:

To view a full list of everything that you’ll find in the new Ayleid Crown Crates, head to this official forum post.

The Ayleid Crown Crates will be available this Friday in the Crown Store on Elder Scrolls Online. For more information, head to the official website.