Assassin’s Creed III To Feature Micro-Transactions?

October 28, 2012

With the game’s release only a few days away, all eyes are currently on Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III. Something that’s really catching people’s attention at the moment is a series of DLC packs that have just appeared on the Xbox Live and PlayStation stores. These ‘Erudito Packs’ are available in various sizes:

20 Erudito Pack = 80 Microsoft Points ($1 USD)
50 Erudito Pack = 160 Microsoft Points ($2 USD)
155 Erudito Pack = 400 Microsoft Points ($5 USD)
380 Erudito Pack = 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD)
925 Erudito Pack = 1600 Microsoft Points ($20 USD)

As to what exactly what an ‘Erudito’ is, the stores are not forthcoming with information, and there’s been no word from Ubisoft regarding the matter. The term ‘Erudito’ has been seen in the Assassin’s Creed series before though, portrayed as a mysterious oppositional organisation to Abstergo Industries. In the past, Ubisoft have talked about their plans for making use of a free-to-play model for their future games, and you have to wonder whether this has something to do with it. This ‘Erudito’ certainly looks like a form of virtual currency, which would be used in an in-game store. It’s possible that Ubisoft may be intending to tie an in-game store into the game’s multiplayer mode, in a similar fashion to what Bioware did with Mass Effect 3.