Weekend Warriors: Week 43

October 25, 2013

What are you playing this weekend?

Tim Norman: I’ve rediscovered Guild Wars 2 this week, and so it looks like I’ll be spending most of my time on the weekend levelling a new thief I made. My housemate plays the game incessantly, to the point where she’s one of the top five hundred GW2 players in the world. That means that if I find myself needing help or advice, I can just ask her for it. I’m also going to put some more time into Double Fine’s excellent Spacebase DF-9, a game that puts you in charge of a space station. It’s in early alpha right now, but as it stands it’s pretty addictive. I’ll also check in with GTA Online to see how the new update and cash drop is working out, and I’ll try squeeze in some Team Fortress 2 for more Halloween item goodness.



Jarrod Mawson: SWEAR TO ME. DO I LOOK LIKE A COP. Yeah, my weekend involves grizzly antagonising petty thugs while draped in black cosplay. On the surface Batman: Arkham Origins is a series prequel in name and narrative, yet appears to be a straight sequel to Arkham City in formula. Maybe too much so for those a little weary with the franchise, Rocksteady’s design leap from Asylum and City seemingly nowhere to be found. I’m not worried though. Arkham City ticked a lot of positive boxes, so more of the same from the new Montreal team is hard to complain about when that “same” was already a ton of fun to begin with.



Bev Chen: No, I didn’t end up playing Fire Emblem Awakening. Yes, I will try to get to it, if Sleeping Dogs doesn’t have me by the throat. It’s unlikely though – only one of those two games allows you to bring a car to a fight. Oh, the new Ace Attorney is out? Looks like the 3DS is going to get a lot of love this weekend.



Adam Ghiggino: Oh god, oh god. Which do I go with? Ace Attorney or Batman? Both are crime fighters… Both are OP characters in fighting games… If I play Ace Attorney this weekend, I’ll no doubt experience an amusing, well-told narrative with voice acting and anime cutscenes for the first time in the series. If I play Batman: Arkham Origins, I can be Batman. I don’t know! YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, WEEKEND