Weekend Warriors: Week 41

October 10, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of Weekend Warriors, in which the staff of Rocket Chainsaw discuss what they are playing during the weekend. Want to join in on the conversation? Leave a comment below!

What are you playing this weekend?

Tim Norman: It’s Bathurst weekend at our place, so we’ve got the racing wheel set up, and Forza 4 sitting in the 360 for some good driving fun. I’m also putting in more quality time with Grand Theft Auto Online, which, now that its initial launch hiccups have been sorted, is far and away the best part of GTA V. If I do end up with some problems playing GTA Online, I’ll likely fall back to an old favourite, racking up some more hours in Team Fortress 2.



Adam Shurey: Two games that I’ve been eagerly anticipating are being released, and so this weekend will be all about Beyond: Two Souls and Pokémon X. One handheld game and one console game makes for a good mix, depending on what I’m doing, I’ll be switching between the two as the weekend goes on. I won’t be the only one in our house with Pokémon, so there’ll be no shortage of critter battling.

beyond two souls 2



Jarrod Mawson: Three games, with a fourth on the sideline, have been circulating my gaming roster this week. Puppeteer as probably the most significant one, a game I’d been looking forward to for it’s stylish theatrical presentation. Look for a review up shortly. DICE’s Battlefield 4 beta has managed to impress enough to warrant over 22 hours of investment. The full game will be the death of me. And third, while the rest of the Nintendo world plays Wind Waker HD, I’ve been indulging in a replay of Skyward Sword via the Dolphin emulator, and it scrubs up surprisingly well. That fourth game? That would be the Shadow Warrior reboot, of which I played very briefly, but enjoyed enough to know I’ll be jumping back in once bigger commitments are out of the way.



Bev Chen: It is my birthday this weekend, and though it is likely I will be lying on the floor groaning about too much cake, I will hopefully have time for games as well. I picked up Knock-knock, the latest game from Russian studio Ice Pick Lodge, during the week, and am equal parts intrigued and disturbed by what I’ve played of it so far. I hope to unlock more of the game’s secrets this weekend. The other game I will be playing is Armored Core: Verdict Day, the latest game in From Software’s mech-customising, gun blasting series.


Anthony Capone: As of late, only one game has my attention, and it may remain that way for some time to come. While I do not have a NASA diamond-encrusted supercomputer to play Battlefield 4, I am making do with the murky graphics and glitchy Xbox 360 beta. I am sure these issues shall be ironed out for retail, but in the meantime, I am enjoyed the refined gameplay, Levolution, and chasing down explosives in the addiction new Obliteration mode.