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Wave Race Possibly Coming to Nintendo Switch

Wave Race Nintendo
Wave Race Nintendo

Nintendo has today registered the trademark “Wave Race” in the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The trademark carries a “Class 9” classification, which is used for video game software. While obvious conclusions draw to a Wave Race title for Nintendo Switch, at this stage we can not confirm either way what Nintendo’s plans are for the franchise.

Wave Race Trademark

Wave Race originally launched on Game Boy way back in 1992, however it received critical acclaim when it was released on Nintendo 64 shortly after the console’s launch in 1996. Wave Race: Blue Storm was released on GameCube in 2001 which scored well with critics, but not as well as the N64 blockbuster.

We’d love to see Wave Race as a launch title on Nintendo Switch, however hopefully Wii U owners will also get their own version of the game. This could however be a 3DS game, or even a mobile game given Nintendo are venturing into the world of mobile games with Mario Run. Check back with Rocket Chainsaw for more information on Wave Race as we get it.

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