Fire Emblem: Three Houses Wave 3 DLC and title update 1.1.0 released

November 8, 2019

Nintendo has released the Wave 3 DLC pack for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, along with tile update version 1.1.0.

The Wave 3 DLC pack will allow players to recruit Anna (one of the shop owners) by completing a special quest. There is also a new sauna bonding activity, maid and butler battalions, new types of attire “for most” students and the ability to interact with cats and dogs through new quests.

The version 1.1.0 title update allows for Jeritza to join your party in the Black Eagle: Crimson Flower path, and increases the amount of available save slots from 5 to 25. There’s a whole host of other bug fixes and general improvements which can be read in detail at the official Nintendo support pages.

One more DLC pack is set to be released by 30 April, 2020 which will feature new story content, playable characters and locations. For more information on Fire Emblem: Three Houses you can check out the Rocket Chainsaw review by clicking here.

We have included some screenshots from the Wave 3 DLC below.