Twilight Princess HD Amiibo functionality revealed

January 23, 2016

Nintendo has officially confirmed the Amiibo functionality that will be featured in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

The Wolf Link Amiibo, which was announced alongside the game, will unlock a new challenge area called Cave of Shadows. Akin to the existing Cave of Ordeals, the area will see players fight waves of enemies using Wolf Link and Minda’s abilities. Players will be able to save a record of their remaining hearts to the Amiibo and re-attempt the challenge at any time. If you happened to own the Giant Wallet and complete the challenge, you will also unlock the Bottomless Wallet which allows you to carry 9,999 rupees.

Other Zelda-themed Amiibo will add further functionality to Twilight Princess HD. Link and Toon Link Amiibos will refill your arrows, while Zelda and Shiek Amiibos will refill your hearts. Those wanting an extra challenge will definitely want to scan the Ganondorf Amiibo, which doubles the attack power of enemies.

Nintendo also reminded fans that the Wolf Link Amiibo is still planned to interact with the upcoming Zelda Wii U. Sadly, they’re remaining tight-lipped about specifics. Twilight Princess HD is scheduled to be released on March 5th, 2016 in Australia.