There Are Now Over 90 Games That Support FPS Boost on Series X|S

May 4, 2021

One of the hallmarks of Xbox’s backwards compatibility program is their dedication to improving the experience you have when returning to old games. On the Xbox One X this came in the form of increased rendering resolutions, HDR implementation (on very select games), and more stable frame rates thanks to the higher power of the console. With the Xbox Series X|S they’ve implemented Auto HDR and gotten those same power boosts again. The most exciting addition comes in the form of FPS Boost, a technology that allows a game’s framerate to be doubled, and that’s just gotten even more exciting with Xbox announcing that over 90 games now support it.

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The best part of FPS Boost on Series X|S is that it boosts the frame rate on consoles to both 60fps and 120fps depending how n the game’s original frame rate. So that means plenty of new games can take advantage of the Xbox Series X|S’s ability to output at 120hz. Some of the highlights out of the new update are Yakuza 6: Song of Life (60hz), Assassin’s Creed Unity (60hz), Hollow Knight (120hz), Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition (60hz) and Far Cry 4 (60hz). For the full list, head on over to Major Nelson’s blog.