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Total War: ARENA is hosting an open access event until Wednesday

Total War: ARENA, the free-to-play online version of the venerable strategy franchise, formerly developed in Australia, is now hosting an open access event to get new players on board for the game. New players can redeem the co...

Iconic Aussie destroyer launches in World of Warships

Wargaming has had a renewed focus on the Australian market in recent months, including local servers in World of Tanks, and now the company is bringing an iconic Australian vessel to their World of Warships title – the HM...

PAX Aus 2017: Total War: ARENA Hands-Off Preview

Over the last couple of decades Creative Assembly have become known for one thing – giant strategy games that can easily consume your life. While these games are great for some, there is a large number of gamers that no l...


PAX AUS 2017: Wargaming locks its sights on growing the Australian community (Interview)

It’s been seven years since Wargaming first launched in Australia with World of Tanks. In that time, we’ve seen huge pushes to grow the player base, such as floorspace at PAX for several years, community gatherings ...

Further Details Revealed by Wargaming on their Grand Finals 2017

Wargaming has revealed further details about their Grand Finals 2017 event, an esports tournament that pits the best World of Tanks teams from across the world against each other in huge competition. This year, APAC team EL Gam...

Wargaming adds HMAS Perth to World of Warships

While Wargaming is conspicuously absent from PAX Australia this year, that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to use the opportunity to stage a gathering for their many Aussie fans. Throughout the night at the event, I w...


Master of Orion Review

It’s been 13 years since Master of Orion 3 released in 2003 and Atari shelved the IP, seemingly for good, until Wargaming purchased it in 2013. Three years later the first game from this new ownership has been fully released, M...

Wargaming Brings Australian WWII Sentinel Tank Home to Cairns

On Wednesday, 23 March, World of Tanks developer/publisher Wargaming stretched their influence from the virtual world into the real one, with a special unveiling. The culmination of two years of planning and restoration, Wargam...

Interview with Max Chuvalov, Wargaming – PAX Aus 2015

We speak with Wargaming's product marketing manager on the competitive scene and development process behind World of Warships.