Sunday Gaming News – 3/3/2013

March 3, 2013

Let’s news!

  • Yesterday, we revealed details of Assassin’s Creed IV’s release date and the platforms it’s coming to. Well it turns out, there’s also a trailer (direct link to MP4) that may or may not get taken down before you view it. Unfortunately I can’t embed the trailer here due to reasons, but you should definitely check it out while you can.
  • Like Orcs Must Die and its sequels? Curious about them but haven’t checked them out yet? Well, now you can, because Robot Entertainment are having a sale and you can pick up both games, as well as their other title, the wildly popular Hero Academy for up to 75% off the usual price.
  • Own a Mac? Can’t get enough of people throwing poorly-constructed insults at you League of Legends MOBA action? Well, the Mac client is now in open beta so you can download it and see exactly how well it runs on your glorious retina display. Or non-retina display if that’s how you roll, I guess. Like some 2010-era Macbook owning pleb.
  • Speaking of betas, The Elder Scrolls Online is having one. Signups opened back in January (and you can still sign up), and it’s now been revealed that the beta will begin later this month. Initially, the beta will only be for “scheduled play sessions” and will focus on specific aspects of the game that the developers want to test. As the game moves further and further along in development, the testing periods will be extended to offer more time to players as well.