Sunday Gaming News – 26/5/2013

May 26, 2013

It’s Sunday, which means my mission to get everyone referring to the Xbox One as the Xbone continues unabated.

  • In what may be the most expensive video game special edition ever, UK retailer Game have a listing for Grid 2 Unleashed BAC Mono Edition. This edition of the game gives you a copy of the game, an in-game bonus of a BAC Mono supercar, branded helmet and racing gear (made to fit!), a PS3 on which to play the game, and an actual BAC Mono. You also get a tour of the BAC is made and time with the engineers to customise the car to your specifications. All this can be yours for just £125000.
  • The NEO-GEO X has been something of a disappointment. While the intention of keeping the legacy of SNK’s classic system alive are admirable, the execution has been left wanting. Well now, the company behind the system have announced a 15-game mega-pack for the system. The package contains the full contents of the first four Classics packs for the system, and includes a number of high-profile titles.
  • The new Kinect sensor announced alongside the XBone will be available for Windows. Microsoft has been actively encouraging Kinect use on Windows, and there have been a huge variety of projects that use it. The new sensor, which offers far better resolution and sensitivity will be available for Windows in 2014.
  • In an interview with Develop magazine earlier in the week, EA’s Rajat Taneja mentioned that the Xbone and PS4 were “a generation ahead” of current PC hardware. On Twitter, Epic CEO Mark Rein has called bullshit on this. While Microsoft have been reticent with Xbone specs, Rein likely has a point, as what we know about the hardware suggests it should be about as powerful as current high-end PC hardware.

This week’s feature image is a 1990s version of Danaerys from Game of Thrones by Mike Wrobel. You can find more 1990s-ified GoT characters, and other art by Mike, here.