Sunday Gaming News – 1/9/2013

September 1, 2013

Happy Father’s Day! I’m celebrating by watching the latest Attack on Titan episode with my Dad, and then we’ll probably play video games and watch the footy together. How are you celebrating?

  • To celebrate 25 years of Street Fighter, Capcom have released a new documentary called I Am Street Fighter. The best part? You can watch it for free right here:

  • In more Capcom news, the company is bringing PC indie hit Dustforce to PS3, PS Vita and XBox 360. The game will support PS3/Vita cross play. No release date has been announced yet.
  • Here’s a trailer for another upcoming PS4/PS Vita title, Cosmic Star Heroine. The game is from Zeboyd, and draws inspiration from classic 1990s RPGs such as Chrono Trigger.

  • It’s national trailer day or something around here. Here’s a trailer for Team Meat’s upcoming Mew-genics title:

  • Kotaku are reporting that Peter Molyneux’s new game, Godus will be out on September 13.

This week’s image is everyone’s favourite anime dad, Gendo Ikari. © Gainax.