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Steep Season 9 Takes Leap of Faith

Steep season 9 is here, and this season Ubisoft is taking a leap of faith by bringing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to the snowy peaks. Unlock new gear and outfits that look like they’re taken directly out of 2018’s award winning Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, except for maybe the rocket suit.

Special outfits including a traditional Mysthios outfit will be available to the stealthiest of assassins most skillful snowboarders and skiers, and remember nothing is true, everything is permitted in Steep season 9.

Season 9 will run from July 30 until September 3, so players have a limited window to acquire their Assassin’s Creed gear. Later this month, Ubisoft will unveil some Medjay Challenges too for those that want to prove themselves to be the best assassin on the slopes.

The launch version of Steep actually featured the Assassin’s Creed leap of faith eagle sound as an easter egg when you jumped from certain peaks. Now finally the Assassin’s Creed franchise stamps its official participation in the game.

Watch the official Steep Season 9 Trailer – Odyssey of the Eagle Bearer:


Live by your own creed in the Steep Season 9: Odyssey of the Eagle Bearer. Earn exclusive gear and special outfits in limited time events – including a Misthios set.

Two worlds will collide during Season 9 to make August an unforgettable experience. From July 30 to September 3, you will live your own personal Odyssey full of special events with a Misthios set for you to win!

Rocket Chainsaw has been covering Steep since its beta in November 2016, and the game is now available on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. For more information on Steep, head to the official blog post here.

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