Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free To Play

July 11, 2012

That article header says it all. Almost.

Announced over on the game’s official website, BioWare is happy to confirm that Star Wars: The Old Republic has now adopted a quasi-free to play model. They’re calling it a ‘free trial’, and that’s probably more appropriate.

Players will be able to sign up for The Old Republic accounts free of charge and, unlike previous free trials, will not be restricted by any time or play count limits. Instead, players will be able to experience The Old Republic up until level fifteen. All eight classes including their origin worlds will be available for play, and free trial accounts will also have access to numerous quests, flashpoints, and player-versus-player warzones.

What happens once you hit level fifteen? We don’t know. Maybe your computer explodes. Or maybe a battalion of republic commandos storm your home and demand you sign up for extended subscription. Or maybe you just try a different class. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re keen to find out your level fifteen fate, head over to the Star Wars: The Old Republic sign-up page to start your free trial. We’ve got some crazy The Old Republic players on the Rocket Chainsaw forum too, so sign up and make some friends!