Sony to expand PlayStation Suite

March 7, 2012

Sony, or if you prefer Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), have announced today an important step in the development of their PlayStation Suite framework. An open beta version of the PlayStation Suite’s SDK will be released in April 2012 to content developers, with an official version to follow later this year, priced at US $99 annually.

With this SDK, Sony aims to offer, ”┬ámore streamlined content development environment for content developers, and further expand the world of PlayStation to open operating system based portable devices.”

The PlayStation Suite framework aims to  bring PlayStation content across several devices, such as Android devices, Xperia devices and Sony tablets. Currently, only PlayStation One Classic titles are supported, although the SDK will allow content developers to have their work distributed through the PlayStation Store commercially.

This update means that the PlayStation Suite’s functionality could expand substantially as the year progresses, so stay tuned to see what developers have up their sleeves for the service.