Sleeping Dogs PC features detailed, plus trailer

August 9, 2012

United Front Games’ Hong Kong sandbox adventure Sleeping Dogs is only a week away and the promotional media continues to roll in. So far Square-Enix has been pretty confident in marketing the console version, but we haven’t heard a peep of the PC release. Until now. Just as with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the company has sent out a press release detailing just what graphical bells and whistles will enhance Sleeping Dogs on PC. Here’s the list.

  • DirectX 11: High definition ambient occlusions, contact hardening shadows, and direct compute technology.
  • Performance: Optimised performance for dual and quad core processors, SLI nVidia graphics cards, and Crossfire AMD graphics cards.
  • Control: Keyboard and mouse controls, Xbox 360 pad control, and automatic detection/switching between the two.
  • Graphics: High quality shadow filters, screen space ambient occlusions, and motion blur. High resolution shadows and texture support. Soft particles. Increased small object detail and world density. Super sampling anti-aliasing.
  • Steamworks: DLC, achievements, patching, pre-download, cloud data storage for saves, player-to-player chat.
  • Other: nVidia 3D and multi-monitor support. AMD EyeFinity support. Window/full screen modes. Benchmarking option.

It all sounds pretty good. In addition to these, there will be a day one DLC pack on Steam containing enhanced high resolution textures, available to download for those eager to make the game look extra fancy.

To show off the fancy PC build of Sleeping Dogs, United Front Games’ has released a commentated 1080p trailer. Enjoy it below.

[youtube id=”eFZPe3aQrmg” width=”600″ height=”350″]