Rocket Chainsaw Potential Downtime – Saturday 10/08

August 9, 2013

We’re making some changes at Rocket Chainsaw. From tomorrow early afternoon our technical teams (or so they like to call themselves) will be flipping switches, engaging transfers, and all other kinds technical stuff in order to bring improvements to our regular visitors.

Scheduled technical work time zones:

  • 9am 10/08 – Western Australia
  • 10:30am 10/08 – South Australia, Northern Territory
  • 11am 10/08 – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland,¬†Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania
  • 1pm 10/08 – New Zealand

During this period visitors may experience oddities and technical issues on the Rocket Chainsaw front page. We do not expect any issues on our community forum. Work is scheduled to begin Saturday and continue throughout the day. Murphy’s Law indicates technical attention may extend across to Sunday, but…touch wood. In either case, Rocket Chainsaw should remain online and active throughout this period, though unforeseen consequences may require us temporarily take down the front page and/or forum to iron out issues.

Thank you for your patience. We’ll try not to let the fences go offline, but please stay away from the¬†Tyrannosaur paddock.