Welcome to Rocket Chainsaw 2.0

August 10, 2013

Welcome to the new design for Rocket Chainsaw!

Thanks to everyone for putting up with the downtime today while we took care of the major changes to the front page. There is still a bit of work left to do, as we will be transferring over all of our legacy reviews over the next couple of days, so if you’re searching for an older review – don’t fear, it’ll be back up soon! This will confuse the ‘Latest Content’ bar for a while, but once we’re done it should settle down.

As you can see, there have been some big changes, so let’s go through some of them:

  • Rocket Chainsaw is switching from a 10-point scale to a five-star rating system. We believe that this provides a more accurate system to critique games, and will hopefully avoid scores being skewed higher, with ‘7’ as the average, as is all too common (even historically on our site!).
  • Facebook commenting has been enabled on all articles, as well as the ability to share articles on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.
  • Staff Profiles have been added to the site, and will be updated soon with details about your favourite personalities on Rocket Chainsaw.

In addition to this, Rocket Chainsaw will be stepping up our coverage on local events and independent development. We know there’s a host of stories out there, so we’ll be doing our best to bring you interesting feature articles and videos to bring Australian gaming truly into the limelight. If you know of a local story or event you think needs coverage, we want to hear about it! If you want to help cover an event, let us know too. Send us an email at portal@rocketchainsaw.com.au.

Thanks again for your patience, and prepare for a lot of big things in Rocket Chainsaw’s near future!