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Resident Evil VII: Beginning Hour Demo Content Update Available Now

The enigmatic Resident Evil VII: Beginning Hour demo has received an update today that allows players to explore more of the derelict mansion, uncover new clues about how this new setting fits into the Resident Evil mythos and, hopefully, finally find a use for that damn mannequin finger.

Capcom revealed the news earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show that the PS4 exclusive demo will receive a new content update as well as showing off a new trailer, dubbed “Tape 2” and a selection of screenshots that offer a glimpse of combat and a deeper look into the austere environment of the disturbed Baker family’s homestead.

Dropping January 24th for Ps4, Xbox One and PC, PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to pre-order one of three available editions and net themselves a unique theme in the process.

Besides the standard edition there will also be a Deluxe Edition and a Day-1 Survival Edition, with the latter containing the Survival Pack: Recover Set, including healing items, a mysterious Lucky Coin defence item for use in-game and an early unlock of the crushingly difficult “Madhouse” mode. The Deluxe Edition will include all of the above as well as chucking in the season pass to grant access to the three upcoming additional story-driven DLC episodes.

Check out the new images below:

4k_screenshot_01_1473870036 4k_screenshot_02_1473870033 4k_screenshot_03_1473870031 4k_screenshot_05_1473870025 4k_screenshot_13_1473870000

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