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PlayStation 4 Pro Modes Confirmed For The Surge

Focus Home Interactive has confirmed that their new action role playing game The Surge from Deck13, developers of Lords of the Fallen, has gone gold ahead of its May release.

Along with that confirmation, they have also confirmed that The Surge will take advantage of the additional power available to PlayStation 4 Pro owners in a couple of different ways. By way of a day one update, PlayStation 4 Pro and The Surge owners will be able to activate two different modes to play the game in. The first of these is an option of dynamic 4K at 30fps, allowing the resolution to scale up and down to maintain the 30fps framerate. The second of these is a 1080p resolution mode which is stated to maintain a steady 60fps during gameplay, which is great for players that want a more fluid gameplay experience. Along with these, a second update will come out a little bit after release which adds an HDR option to the game.

The Surge is releasing for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16th.

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