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Play Monster Hunter World Beta With No PS Plus This Christmas

Capcom’s epic upcoming action RPG is looking impressive, and here’s how you can get your chance to play the Monster Hunter World beta this month before it releases at the start of 2018.

The first Monster Hunter World beta, which just ended, was only for PlayStation 4 owners with active PlayStation Plus subscriptions. A new beta currently scheduled to run over the Christmas period will allow all players regardless of active subscriptions or not to experience what is promising to be one of the biggest titles of 2018.

From December 22, PS4 owners will get a chance to try out the Monster Hunter World beta, with it finishing up on December 26. Pre-load will be available on December 18, giving you plenty of time to download the beta and have it ready to play. If you’ve kept the original beta on your console, you will not need to download anything new.

Here’s what to expect in the Monster Hunter World beta:

Single Player

Play online single player by departing alone on any of the quests.

  • You must be online even when playing single player.


Participate in multiplayer with players from around the world.

  • You also have the option during quest creation to set a language filter, which will match you only with players with the same language as you.
  • Certain online features will be unavailable in the beta, such as the ability to join quests midway through, Guild Cards, removing other players from a quest, and friend invites (these features will be available in the full retail version).

Three Different Quests

“Great Devourer, Great Jagras”
Great Jagras Hunt
Locale: Ancient Forest
“Wildspire Rampage”
Barroth Hunt
Locale: Wildspire Waste
“The Ancient Forest Menace”
Anjanath Hunt
Locale: Ancient Forest

Character Creation and Naming

You will be able to choose from six different presets each for male and female hunters, as well as six presets for your Palico, and give them each a name of your choosing. (The full retail version will feature much deeper customization features!)

Voice and Text Chat

Training Area

Test out any of the 14 different weapon types in a private training space!

The game is expected to sell quite well, particularly in Japan where reports have shown there have already been 33,000 pre-orders for the limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter World console.

Click here to head to the official Monster Hunter World beta website.

Unfortunately at this stage it does not look like Xbox One or Windows PC players will be getting a beta.

Monster Hunter World will officially launch on January 26, 2018 and be available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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