Nintendo Store Update – 28/07/2012

July 28, 2012

Today’s Nintendo updates are all about the 3DS. Players can now buy out two new games – Planet Crashers and Kirby’s Pinball Land for the Virtual Console. Some of you may also be able to access some new songs for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for $1.50 each.
Title:  Planet Crashers
System:  3DS Download Software
Price:  $15.00

The most expensive game released to date on the 3DS eShop, Planet Crashers is a solid RPG, where you mission is to save the very sun itself from destruction.

Title:  Kirby’s Pinball Land
System:  Game Boy (Virtual Console)
Price:  $4.50

This pinball game in uniquely styled to fit into the Kirby universe. Everyone’s favourite pink round ball thing Kirby takes centre stage in the most natural progression ever – a pink round pinball thing.