Nintendo Store Update – 11/05/2012

May 11, 2012

While this regular article may be called the Nintendo Store Update, you’d be forgiven this week for thinking it was anything but Nintendo-related, with former Sega games whitewashing this week’s entries. The Wii plays host this week to two Sega titles in Wonder Boy in Monster Land, as well as Monster World IV. Breaking the monster theme, the 3DS eShop now contains Sonic Labyrinth for your downloading pleasure.

Title: Wonder Boy in Monster Land
System: Sega (Virtual Console Arcade)
Price: 900 Wii Points

A precursor of the perhaps better-known Master Drive version, Wonder Boy in Monster Land is from the days when Sega still made both arcades and consoles. Players must guide the title character through many hazards and combat various enemies to save his girlfriend.

Title: Monster World IV
System: Sega Megadrive (Virtual Console)
Price: 900 Wii Points

Previously a Japan-only title, Monster World IV is the very last title in the Wonder Boy/Monster World series, with several different characters available to get in on the platforming action. Xbox Live and PSN releases are expected to follow.

Title: Sonic Labyrinth
System: Game Gear (Virtual Console)
Price: $7.50

Taking place across four zones, Sonic Labyrinth is a platform/puzzle hybrid, where players must use Sonic to defeat enemies and pick up keys in order to exit stages.