Nintendo Store Update – 16/03/2012

March 16, 2012

Today’s riveting Nintendo Store Update sees two games and a demo make their debuts on Nintendo’s consoles. Wii Virtual Console lovers will be glad to hear that the Mega Drive version of Strider is now available for downloading. Meanwhile, 3DS owners can look forward to downloading Metroid as well as a demo for The Emperor’s Treasure.

Title:  Strider
System: Mega Drive (Virtual Console)
Price:  800 Wii Points

A classic ninja action game, Strider has its players take on the role of Hiryu, who in the year 2048 is a Strider, a group of ninja-like warriors with elite training. It’s up to Hiryu to assassinate the diabolical Grandmaster Meio, who wishes to rule the world.

Title: Metroid
System: NES (Virtual Console)
Price: $7.50

Spawning a genre of its own making, the original Metroid for the NES has Samus Aran going up against Mother Brain on the errie planet Zebes. With an array of weapons to utilise, players must blast away at Metroids with Samus always at the centre of the action.