New Slim PS3 announced

September 19, 2012

The PS3 has already undergone one slim makeover during its lifecycle, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from announcing yet another design at their TGS conference.

A press release sent out has confirmed the details of the console, which now is over half the weight and volume of the original PS3, and 20% and 25% smaller than the current slim model. Ditching the disc-feeding mechanism well known to PS3 owners, the new design has a sliding disk cover to keep the console as slender as possible.

Along with the new design are new retail packages – namely a 500GB PS3 redesign for AU $399.95 and a 12GB PS3 with flash memory for AU $299.95. These new packages are expected to hit shelves before the end of the month in Australia, on 27 September.

What do you reckon about the new redesign? Is it bold or striking, needed or unnecessary?