NES Switch games to get Rewind Feature, July 2019 games announced

July 10, 2019

Nintendo has announced that Wrecking Crew, Donkey Kong Arcade 3 and a Rewind Feature will be coming to the Nintendo Entertainment System app for Nintendo Switch on July 17.

Wrecking Crew has players control Mario and Luigi as the pair make their way through demolition sites destroying ladders, ripping out pipes, knocking out walls, and detonating explosives. But you must approach each site carefully as they’re designed with their own clever puzzles.

Donkey Kong Arcade 3 introduces players to Stanley, an exterminator who is trying to protect his greenhouse from Donkey Kong. Stanley uses bug spray to force the great ape to climb higher and higher to the next stage, and also exterminate insects that try to prey on his flowers.

The Rewind Feature can be activated by pressing and holding the ZL and ZR buttons on the controller. The game will pause and rewind gameplay seamlessly for an, as yet, unspecified number of seconds. This will allow players to retry a section if they make a mistake or just want to achieve a better result.

The Nintendo Entertainment System app is available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. You can check out the Rewind Feature and July 2019 NES Game Update trailers below.