Need for Speed Heat Leaked Ahead of Countdown Trailer

August 14, 2019

It seems like nothing is sacred in the gaming world anymore, as fans can’t even wait 48 hours for a trailer to hit YouTube, as just eight hours before the official Need for Speed countdown timer reaches zero, details on Need for Speed Heat leaked via Reddit.

UPDATE: Click Here To Watch The Need For Speed Heat Reveal Trailer!

On the Need for Speed subreddit, a user was able to pull some screens and info out of the trailer that has already been uploaded but is sitting on the countdown timer waiting until the clock hits zero. We can see that the new game is called Need for Speed Heat, and it appears to be taking an 80’s theme and will possibly be set in Miami. Two screen grabs were taken which will most likely appear in the trailer, which you can check out below.

Rocket Chainsaw has been covering Need for Speed Heat since the countdown timer began.

View the official Need for Speed Heat leaked screen grabs:

Our predictions are that it’s very likely that Need for Speed Heat will launch before the end of the year, as games in this franchise need little marketing to sell well to the casual gamer market at launch, and EA Games will be wanting something to compete with Ubisoft’s GRID, launching on October 11th.

This also confirms a leak earlier in the year which saw Austrian based website GameWare list the game, assumably accidentally. It was taken with a grain of salt back then, but it looks like it was legitimate.

Lastly we’ve sourced a Need for Speed Heat wallpaper which will presumably be available on the official website in other sizes once the game is revealed. The wallpaper shows police in the background, which is an iconic and arguably necessary part of any good Need for Speed game.

Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for all the latest on the new Need for Speed as we follow this Need for Speed countdown to 0, and make sure to check out our full GamesCom 2019 coverage next week.