Mixer Is Shutting Down And Transitioning To Facebook Gaming

June 23, 2020

Nobody was particularly surprised when Microsoft got into the streaming game with the acquisition of what was then known as Beam. It was exactly the sort of services first approach that had defined the vast majority of their acquisitions for years. That it helped give them their own platform to nurture content creators and show off their games was a big win as well. In the end, however, Mixer simply hasn’t been able to keep up with or come close to matching the engagement found on other streaming platforms, today announcing they are shutting the service down and partnering with Facebook Gaming moving forwards.

The death of Mixer comes after Microsoft went hard last year acquiring talent to serve as a centrepiece for the platform. Streamers like Ninja and Shroud were handed massive contracts to stream exclusively for the platform, with the hope that they would bring their existing viewers with them, helping to grow the platform. What seems to have occurred though, is that these deals simply kept Mixer at a relatively steady footing, while their competition all had YoY gains in engagement. Not the sort of results you’re hoping for after reportedly spending $30 million USD to sign Ninja.

Transitioning to Facebook Gaming gives Microsoft a couple of specific selling points that are sure to help them with discoverability. First is the already inherently giant community that comes with Facebook and Instagram, making it easy to get products and streams in front of people’s eyes. The other is the ability to then monetise those views, with the company citing the goal of having clickable links and streams that will direct a viewer straight to a playable/purchasable xCloud link. Basically, what Google announces for Stadia last year and have yet to implement.

Microsoft is currently working with Facebook and their partners on Mixer to transition them over to Facebook Gaming, with a view to try and make it as seamless as possible, but streamers are now free to move to other platforms if they prefer. We wish everybody at Mixer the best, and hope that all affected employees are able to land on their feet quickly, especially given the uncertain times we all find ourselves in today.