Mario Kart 7 glitch patch live

May 15, 2012

Fans frustrated with a handful of track breaking glitches popping up in Mario Kart 7, for the Nintendo 3DS, will be pleased to know that Nintendo has delivered on their promise for a patch. Available right now, the patch updates the game version to 1.1, and fixes short cut glitches for the following tracks:

  • Wuhu Island Loop
  • Wuhu Mountain Loop
  • GBA Bowser Castle 1

As Mario Kart 7 features lacks automatic update features, gamers will need to download the update manually. The tiny patch can be found on the Nintendo 3DS eStore, selectable via a Mario Kart 7 icon on the main eShop menu. Once the very short download (a measly 43 blocks)  has finished, the patch will be applied automatically. Those worried if the patch has applied correctly can check by heading into System Settings -> Data Management -> Nintendo 3DS -> Add-on Content. If applied, a Mario Kart 7 entry will appear in the software title list.

Though the update is optional for single play and local multiplayer, it is a compulsory download for anybody planning to race online.