Logitech unveil Pro X 2 with graphene drivers

May 24, 2023

Logitech has just announced their latest headset, the successor to the Pro X, will be the ‘Logitech Pro X 2’ and will feature graphene drivers, alongside a host of other features.

Designed as part of their ‘Design By Collaboration’ process with esports players, Logitech claim the Pro X 2 is the first time that graphene has been used in an audio diaphragm in a gaming headset (although graphene itself has been used before in headset manufacturing).

According to Logitech, graphene drivers allow for more accuracy in sound reproduction, as the ideal audio driver diaphragm would be absolutely rigid, have no weight, and travel back and forth perfectly matching the audio input signal. Logitech’s Pro-G Graphene 50mm Audio Drivers include a diaphragm that’s 90% graphene by weight (using GrapheneQ). The Live Edge Suspension system has seen Loigtech redesign its drivers from the ground up, including optimising the driver motor and EQ tuning. The biggest change is an update to the internal housing of the diaphragm with a live edge. The diaphragm is held in suspension, which allows it to fully vibrate when the sound signal comes through, from edge to edge. Coupled with graphene’s high rigidity, the result is a more accurate sound stage.

The headset is wireless, with enhanced Lightspeed wireless, Bluetooth, 3.5 aux connectivity and 50 hours of use on a single charge, with a range of 30m when using lightspeed. The set is 25g lighter than the Pro X, and includes swappable earpads in leatherette and velour. It’ll be available in black and white, and also come with a USB A to USB C cable, USB A dongle with 3.5 mm port, 3.5mm cable, and a soft storage bag. The microphone will be the same as previous generations.

You can find out more about the headset from Logitech’s website.