Lego The Lord Of The Rings Is On The Way

May 11, 2012

The beans have been spilled on the latest Lego game. Kotaku are reporting that a brochure included with the new The Lord Of The Rings Lego sets features advertising for an upcoming game adaptation of the new toys. As extra proof, the European retailer ShopTo accidentally put up a listing for the game earlier this month (which you can still view via Google’s cache). More confirmation has continued to appear since then, with one reader sending in a picture taken at Toys ‘R Us in the U.S, which really speaks for itself.











The game’s official website has just gone live. As with the previous Lego games, it’s being developed by Traveller’s Tales. If ShopTo’s listing is to be believed, the game will be seeing a release this year on the 26th of October, for the Xbox 360 at least. However, no official release date or platforms have been given. There’s little doubt that The Lord Of The Rings series makes for a good piece of source material, but let us know what you think of all this in the comments below.