I Expect You To Die When You Watch This Trailer

November 23, 2016

Schell Games have been busy at work creating a VR game that goes by the name of the infamous James Bond quote, no Mr. Bond, “I Expect You To Die!” Today they have released a new launch trailer demonstrating some of the gameplay that is to be expected when the game is released on December the 6th, 2016:


Schell Games have a decent amount of games under their belt already, and although you may not have heard of most of them, I Expect You To Die has been winning awards at various games shows including ‘Best Gameplay’, ‘Best Overall Experience’, and ‘Best Interaction Design’ at the 2015 Proto Awards to name a few.

From the official website, you’ll be tasked with various mission objectives which may be very new to you given the new world of VR and it not being a simple case of a well-timed push of X or A on a controller:

[toggle_box title=”I Expect You To Die:” width=”Width of toggle box”]YOUR MISSIONS ARE DEADLY!

Complete each operation using problem-solving skills and wits. Oh, and agent, you have the power of telekinesis! Use it and whatever resources you can find to escape each situation, or die trying.[/toggle_box]As stated, I Expect You To DieĀ is expected to launch for Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR on December 6th, 2016. Check out the official website at ieytd.com.