Posted September 17, 2020 by Adam Ghiggino in Feature

Final Fantasy XVI Announced as PlayStation Console Exclusive

The PlayStation 5 showcase kicked off with a bang this morning, with the reveal of the long-awaited Final Fantasy XVI, announced as a console exclusive for PlayStation (we assume 5, but the trailer didn’t exactly specify – and which we also assume means it’s coming to PC).

The latest mainline installment in the series appears to return to the action-RPG formula last seen in Final Fantasy XV, but also returning the series to a high fantasy setting, with castles, swordsmen, giant phoenix-like beasties and of course, chocobos. It’s also being made by Square’s Creative Business Unit III, so it’ll be interesting to see what creatives are behind this new installment, when they’re finally confirmed.

Check out the full trailer below on the official Final Fantasy Youtube channel!

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