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Final Fantasy XV Coming To PC and Mobiles

Square Enix have caused mayhem at Gamescom 2017, announcing that not only is Final Fantasy XV coming to PC, but it’s also coming to Android/iOS/Windows 10 phones and might be coming to Nintendo Switch as well.

As you would expect with any PC port of a big-budget game, Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition is coming with a whole slew of graphical upgrades thanks to a handy partnership with Nvidia. The game will support Nvidia TurfEffects, Nvidia Hairworks, Nvidia Flow, Nvidia HFTS and Nvidia VXAO to really push your PC, as well as 4K textures and Dolby Atmos, in what is being called Final Fantasy XV in Ultimate Quality. If you check out the trailer below, you can certainly see that this port is definitely not a rush job.



On the other end of the scale, we have Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, a brand new version of Final Fantasy XV. This is a brand new version of the game, created from scratch for mobile devices. It includes the same story as its big brother, but includes a brand new art style and new touch controls. Final Fantasy XV:Pocket Edition will be made up of 10 episodes, with the first episode being completely free to try.



Along with these ports, Final Fantasy XV director Tabata confirmed during the Square Enix Gamescom Twitch stream that they are interested in bringing Final Fantasy XV to a platform that rimed with Twitch. Nothing else was mentioned after that, but we could potentially see Final Fantasy XV coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the future.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will release on Steam, Origin and the Windows 10 Store in early 2018, while Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile devices in Spring 2017.

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