FFXIII-2 Mass Effect Costumes In Action

March 24, 2012

We reported earlier about the new Mass Effect 3 costumes that are coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2 as DLC. A couple of pictures were released along with the announcement, but now Square-Enix have given us a look at the new costumes in action. The trailer shows both Noel and Serah wearing the N7 outfits as they fight a couple of the game’s bosses. Check it out below, but be warned, the trailer contains massive spoilers for the end of the game. So, if you haven’t finished it, then don’t watch:

[youtube id=”_Bfri0CWHTQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

In comparison, Shepard’s armour in Mass Effect 3 looks like this:

The DLC will be available on the 27th for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, for 240 Microsoft Points and 300 yen (AU $3.50) respectively. Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed.