Epic Saves Big Huge Games

June 4, 2012

Remember 38 Studios? The developer of Kingdoms of Amalur who had to close their studio due to being unable to make loan repayments for the game’s development to the Rhode Island government?

Well, good news: Epic Games have stepped in to save Big Huge Games, the actual studio within 38 Studios that worked on the title. Epic’s president, Dr Michael Capps, had this to say:

On Wednesday, the ex-BHG leadership team contacted us.  They wanted to start a new company and keep together some of the key talent displaced by the layoff, and hoped that they could use an Epic IP as a starting point for a new game.  We loved that they all wanted to keep working together, but it was pretty clear they’d have trouble building a demo and securing funding before their personal savings ran out.

In one of life’s coincidences, Epic’s directors had spent the morning discussing how we’d love to build even more successful projects with our growing team, but that we’d need a dramatic infusion of top talent to do so.  Which, we all knew, was impossible.

It will take some time before we see anything from the revived team, as they need to find office space, PCs, Nerf guns and Dr Pepper, however the future is definitely looking a lot brighter for everyone involved. Other former BHG staff have found work at Zenimax, Zynga and other studios in the Boston/Rhode Island area.