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Plan your Weekend with DiRT Rally 2.0 Stage Degradation & Tyre Choice

DiRT Rally 2.0 FIA
DiRT Rally 2.0 FIA

With the launch of the Deluxe Edition, DiRT Rally 2.0 has arrived today but that hasn’t stopped Codemasters from continuing their Dev Insight series on YouTube, and today we are taking a closer look at the DiRT Rally 2.0 Stage Degradation and Tyre Choice videos.

In the DiRT Rally 2.0 Stage Degradation video, we learn that the track will change depending on how many vehicles have driven over it. If you’re first on a fresh track you’re going to encounter rocks and a tough surface to drive on. The best positioning looks to be from 5th to 10th as the track starts to open up and allows for smooth cornering and a good fly-through of the course. If you’re in the final few vehicles then the track will be falling apart, and you’ll find a lot of sections difficult to navigate

Watch the official DiRT Rally 2.0 Stage Degradation Developer Insight series trailer below:


Next up, Codemasters demonstrates the importance of tyre choice in DiRT Rally 2.0. This time around they have spent time with rally drivers and learnt ways that they maximise their performance based on tyre choice. Choosing a hard tyre will take longer to warm up, however once it gets going it will last you an entire section with ease. Choose a soft tyre and you risk damaging it costing you lots of time.

Watch the official DiRT Rally 2.0 Tyre Choice Developer Insight series trailer below:


Rocket Chainsaw has been following DiRT Rally 2.0 since its announcement back in September, which you can read about here. Also check out the Rally through the Ages trailer which showcases rally cars from the past few decades that will feature in DiRT Rally 2.0, as well as the World RX in Motion trailer.

You can also watch the official DiRT Rally 2.0 Launch Trailer here.

As mentioned DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition launches today, however the standard edition will launch on the 26th of February on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. Make sure to check back with Rocket Chainsaw for our full review post-launch, and for more information head to the official DiRT Rally 2.0 website.

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