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DiRT 5 Release Date Confirmed in Spicy New Trailer

DiRT 5 Career Mode
DiRT 5 Career Mode

CODEMASTERS TODAY revealed the DiRT 5 release date, and we’re excited to announce that it’s arriving just one month before the next-generation consoles.

The DiRT series continues to evolve with every addition, as evidenced today in a spicy new trailer featuring prominent voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North who discuss their roles in DiRT 5 and how the story will be more involving to the player than any previous DiRT game.

Rocket Chainsaw has been following DiRT 5 news since its first reveal, and earlier this month we delved into its career mode.

Watch the official DiRT 5 A Racing Story, Amplified trailer below:


DIRT 5 takes a legendary off-road racing series to new heights in all ways – including its most ambitious Career mode ever, featuring voice acting icons Troy Baker and Nolan North. In this special DIRT 5 video, Baker, North, the in-game podcast hosts from car culture channel Donut Media, and Codemasters’ Dialogue Producer Olly Johnson break down the narrative, characters, storytelling process, and the unique recording approach that brings DIRT 5’s Career mode to life.

The DiRT 5 release date is October 9th on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles while arriving later in 2020 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. For more info, head to the official DiRT website.

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