Daily Gaming News – 3/8/13

August 3, 2013

  • NEWS: Holy multiplayer, Batman! Warner Bros have started sending out invites for the beta test of batman: Arkham Origins‘ recently revealed multiplayer mode. Check out IGN’s article for more info and a multiplayer trailer.
  • NEWS: Are there any Hatsune Miku fans in the audience? If so, you might find this interesting. Marza Animation have just released Music Girl Hatsune Miku in English on the Australian iOS App store. It’s basically a fancy music player where Hatsune Miku will dance along to your music as it plays. You can customise her costume, and as you listen to music with her, you can have conversations with her, and she’ll give you items. The app is available for $4.50.
  • VIDEO: If you’ve been wondering what you’ll find in your PlayStation 4’s box on launch day, the guys over at CVG have you covered. They also have info about the console’s PlayStation Plus features at launch.

[youtube id=”hY3Q_Ys06n4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: Did you back the Ouya Kickstarter project, but feel disappointed with the service, or the actual console? Well, they want to make it up to you, with store credit.
  • NEWS: Do you remember Rainbow Moon? It’s a tactical RPG that was released around this time last year exclusively for PlayStation 3. Now, SideQuest Studios have announced their next title, Rainbow Skies. It’s a fantasy RPG, and it’s also a PlayStation exclusive.
  • VIDEO: Did somebody say ‘animated Zelda movie’? Although the movie itself was turned down, a pitch reel created by Imagi Animation StudiosĀ (made in early 2007) for a proposed The Legend of Zelda film has made its way online. It’s both amazing and hilarious.

[youtube id=”ep47MOFW92E” width=”600″ height=”350″]