Daily Gaming News – 27/3/2013

March 27, 2013

  • NEWS: If you haven’t heard already, 17 minutes of footage of Battlefield 4 has been unveiled at GDC. You can check out our full news article on it here.
  • NEWS: Also revealed at GDC is Aussie-grown Halfbrick Studios’ new game, Fish Out of Water. The gameplay focuses on flinging fish and seeing how far they can skip across a surface. No word on a release date yet, but expect it to make it to iOS devices “soon”.
  • NEWS: Speaking of iOS, Injustice: Gods Among Us is getting an iOS version, courtesy of developer NetherRealm, which handled the development of Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. The console version of Injustice is set to launch next month.
  • NEWS: Cave-diving platform game darling Spelunky will be coming soon to PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. Exciting news given the game’s tendency to fit well with short play sessions.
  • NEWS: Another game making the transition over to another platform is Papa & Yo, which will be coming over to PC users via Steam. The critically acclaimed adventure game was originally only available on the PlayStation Network, so it’s cool to see other players will be able to see what all the talk is about.
  • NEWS: Sony has told Joystiq that they are willing to explore the possibility of having paid alpha programs on its consoles. Citing Dust 514 as a successful example, VP of publisher and developer relations at Sony America Adam Boyes said he is fine with it “if it doesn’t have any bugs that are completely destroying the world”.
  • VIDEO: Speaking of Sony, gory neon arcade shooter Hotline Miami will also be coming to the Vita and PS3 soon and have released a trailer to mark the occasion. As we said last week, you can now also play the game on your Mac.

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