Daily Gaming News – 24/07/13

July 24, 2013

  • NEWS: NASDAQ-listed EA Games has reported its earnings for the first quarter of fiscal 2014, which has remained fairly flat compared to figures from the same quarter last year. Total revenue for the period for Q1 2014 was $949 million, whereas last year’s Q1’s revenue stood at $955 million.
  • NEWS: Japan’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine reports that the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will allow players to share their score via Facebook and Twitter.
  • NEWS: The Sims 3 is still going strong, with a new expansion pack called Into the Future set to be released soon. As the name implies, the pack introduces futuristic living set in the next century, with jetpacks and time paradoxes abound. Also coming soon is the Sims 3 Movie Stuff pack, which adds “Western, Comic Book Blockbuster and Creepy Features”.
  • NEWS: After a bit of a wait, Cave titles Mushihimesama Bug Panic and Deathsmiles are now out for Android devices.
  • NEWS: Comics publisher Dark Horse has discussed a new Tomb Raider comic, which will lead directly into the sequel to this year’s game. The comic will take place a few weeks after the events of the recently-released Tomb Raider title and is set to be released in February next year.
  • NEWS: Deadly Premonition publishers Rising Star Games has put together an FAQ of what players can expect from the upcoming PC port of the Director’s Cut version of the game.
  • VIDEO: Finally, here’s 13 minutes of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag action:

[youtube id=”ICemupWG56U” width=”600″ height=”350″]